Artist Statement *

By eradicating the divisions between the contemporary art and media arts, the artist questions many actual contemporary cultural, social, and political issues. Some of these issues are closely related to our new understanding of technology and the notion of the post-digital age in which humanisation of digital technology stands at the core. Sometimes the overarching disruption taking over the relations between art and technology is so close and immersed in our lives, that there is no reason to question what is happening outside of this realm. However, that might be clearly seen by the artist, not explicitly expressed in our common sense, and the practice of hacking, disrupting and accelerating might support our broader understanding of such discourse from an artistic perspective.

As we enter the post-digital age, we find that such perspective brings a more humane stance to our technological advancement and tries to elevate the human in relation to technology. With a regard to the post-digital, I am particularly interested in harnessing the hacking for humanizing of technology in its contiguity with and of its situatedness in the real world. In the following, I explore design ideas to increase the perceived humanization of technology and rethinking of the world.


There are five major immanent principles of my work, which arrive from other disciplines and get appropriated by my practice and research:

1. Hacking – hack the system. Seek for systematic patterns in things and hack them to make it accessible for rethinking the system, or phrased in the terminology of the post-digital perspective – the aim is to hack technology to become more humane.

2. Disruption - with a particular direction enters the process of hacking the system, it implies accurate and precise changes in the system so the system could continue to operate on its own and with its own means and eventually we could see the outcome and the consequences of it to the system.

3. Acceleration – one way to see the system from inside is to accelerate the system with its own means. If the system happens to be technical – the use of technical means, which arise inside of the purely technical domain, takes priority to hack the system.

4. Concept-driven practice – accelerating within the system with its own means is a way of making a conceptual decision in turn to strengthen the concept. The same conceptualisation strategy applies for aesthetics and material considerations: the materials get conceptualized through the emerging/developed concept.

5. And eventually – the upgrade of value – throughout the whole creative process I aim to actuate and create additional values or upcycle and make actual the old ones.

These interdisciplinary creation/production principles and my art practice and research incorporate both dematerialisation and immaterialisation of art and are based on philosophy of Post-conceptual art and share principles of Relational Aesthetics and Accelerationist Aesthetics to overcome the pragmatics of art and capitalist mentality.

* The Artist Statement advocates and expresses my personal artistic understanding of the actuality of contemporary issues in our fast growing world and also examines functions and purposes (if such exist) of art in the world.