Art Value

The “Art_Value App” project examines the human and its obsession for numbers. Through novel and advanced technologies, we turn the numbers into artworks and prove their uniqueness and authenticity. These artworks are generated by the users themselves and acquired and collected by them too. The participants of the project generate their personal artworks which later get certified through the blockchain distributed network. These digital artworks later get produced by artists (commissions) and the production process is supported by the platform.

Interactive blockchain-based platform and crypto-art project. Dapp, distributed website, generative art, commissions of artworks, sales, and art auctions. Produced by the artist Das Vegas in collaboration with a development team of designers and programmers, partners Royal Institute of Technology, KTH Innovation, research institute RISE.



Art Value by Das Vegas
art platform Art Value

Art Value App - online platform 



Art Value App - distributed App 



2D artwork, NFT Number 

Art Value Number artwork 3D render 

ARTS cryptocurrency coin. Art Value 

NFT Art, art token
3D render artwork, digital-physical: NFT Art, art token

digital and physical
3D render artwork, NFT artwork: digital and physical

ART VALUE unique online art auction 


Art Value App - mobile application 

calendar page with events, auctions
Art Value App distributed platform: calendar page with events, auctions

Gallery page with digital artworks 

Single artwork page 

Single digital and physical artwork 

Announcing the winner!