Tunnel Vision

Exploration of a tunnel vision condition and a corridor metaphor is strong and present in the artist's oeuvre for several decades. With visual examples in classical corridors, open passages, narrow aisles, alleys, pathways, and entrances, as well as research done into private and public spaces, in the Tunnel Vision project, the artist examines the way new worlds open through transition and the act of passing.

In the process of passing and passaging a narrow corridor, the new possibilities arise with windows, side doors, openings of sidepaths, new corridors, lighting conditions, soundscapes, textures, etc. Taking a photograph of such context brings freezing of that process from a certain point of view but also revisiting the upcoming possibilities, future openings, and transformations that await for the passer/traverser ahead.

It is a journey through time, traversing the corridors of time, finding new paths in the process, and through such perception of time and space challenging yourself, making new and changing the decisions. It is about walking through time, coming from the past with big and small histories, in present taking found artefacts into account, and then projecting new creations of future scenarios, which might get shifted via found objects, obstacles, open doors, and new corridor openings in the tunnel.

600 meters long corridor
Ignalina Nuclear Power Station: 600 meters long corridor

Ignalina Nuclear Power Station 

corridor of Lukiškės prison in Lithuania 

Vilnius, Lithuania
corridor in a functioning hospital: Vilnius, Lithuania

V.D.A., photography series. 

Vilnius Art Academy