Data Economy

Data Economy is a project bridging the digital and physical worlds, incorporating data layer and standing for the post-digital processes in our contemporary world. It is an interactive installation “Data Economy” where participants interact via sensors and make a substantial change on the screen. The turn from the numerical aesthetics to monetary aesthetics through the change in value dimension is emphasized in this work as a contribution to the post-digital domain.

Of course, the technological and scientific world, but also a contemporary human (post-human), have deep obsessions and desperation with numbers and data. Raw data (Big Data) itself has no value. We suppose to create value out of the numbers we get (e.g. Life-logging). This is a deconstruction or recasting of the obsession with the numbers. Digits as a form of data, but from another side, Big Data is often referred to as the “new oil”.

The conception of post-abstraction is taking place through the exposition of numbers in the project. This aesthetic turn is examining the contemporary notion of post-humanity, a post-human who radically and decisively believes in numbers. Questioning the exponentially growing trust in numbers and data, its inclusion in everyday life, abstraction, and unification of everything what is around us, also through what is digitalized, coded and quantified: through clock-time, media archeology, algorithmic procedures, digital occurrences, computation, quantified-self movement, ubiquitous computing (Ubicomp), Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data.

The installation is constructed of the interactive set-up of abilities to interpret data to the monetary values. By interacting the participant gets invited to make changes in value, to transform data streams to the financially appreciated ones. The neoliberal values get deconstructed to criticise themselves through its infrastructural basis. And transformation gets in the change of data number into a fractional number, punctuation takes command. A decimal number refers to any number written in decimal notation, although it is more commonly used to refer to numbers that have a fractional part separated from the integer part with a decimal separator.

Sensors, micro-processors, projectors. B/W, no sound, 2017.

Keywords: data economy, data surveillance, surveillance capitalism, deep data, big data, decolonizing economy, capital, monetary aesthetics, interactive art installation.

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