Super Comma

Hack a number with Super Comma!

The project ”SuperComma” takes a shape of comma as a sticker and list of instructions.

Go and hack automobiles’ registration plates with a comma! Turn complex numbers into decimals, evaluate, and monetize. The number with a comma becomes monetary value, the price of the hacked vehicle.

Given away as artwork the leaflet becomes a means for grassroots activity: the hacking of vehicle license plate numbers with an aim of evaluating the automobile. The car plate gets awarded by a foreign sign – a punctuation mark – comma. Or in some countries with a Dot (the USA and other). It does (not) break the system as the police traffic and speed limit enforcement cameras do (not) recognize such signs, however, the monetary value of your car gets publicly exposed. Let’s look at how the police will react to such r-/evaluation!

Hacking activity. Request your stickers by email or print/plotter them on your own.







Super Comma stickers 

various stickers with commas & dots 

new advanced type of stickers 


Hacked car number plate 

Hacked number placed by a user 

various hacks of numberals 

car number hacked 

hacked car plates: SuperComma 

it comes as a dot too. 

it gets used on any possible number 

various hacks of numberals 

postal number hacked 

comes as fashion attribute ;)
SUPERCOMMA Extended: comes as fashion attribute ;)