The series of Correct Vice photographs, part of Intro project, 2007. Photographic project is about a quality of the image and the content, the worst and the high, the low and the best. Documented scenes have been produced at Intro art centre's club premises. The photographs represent the vitality of the site in its most natural way.

Local authorities have possessed just simplified position about art centre's activities - without any commentaries on a cultural level. Let's give them back what they want and in their manner! Their non-understandable policies and logics are compared with low intellectual properties with hardly understandable Google Translate featured texts, blurry snapshots, low-quality images, etc.

Postcards with Correct Vice photographs and text on another side - Emigrate and start loving Motherland again (Lith. trans. - Emigruok ir pamilk Tėvynę iš naujo) - on the inner side of postcards are sent to main Lithuanian Establishment.