Web, mobile and app design

The UX design work centred around market-needs and user-driven approach working with design teams for clients and in-house offices. The design work, product development, consultancy and research was done in companies Microsoft, IKEA, ABB, Ericsson, Spotify and other. Selected examples of interfaces for online, mobile and app solutions are shown below. Most UX design work solutions can not be exposed in this public portfolio of design process secrets and NDAs.

The research and design work compile with agile methods in fields of interface design / UI, user experience / UX and interaction design / IxD. Research in design and Human-Computer Interaction / HCI conducted in universities and research centres (Mobile Life, Mixed Reality Lab, Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute, etc.), presented and published in various conferences: CHI, SIGGRAPH, DIS, TEI, 4S, EASST, ACE, RIXC, Renewable Futures, GeoMedia, EVA.

Teaching art, design and technology subjects, giving creative workshops, supervising thesis work for students at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Computer Science School, Media Technology and Interaction Design department.

Other interactive and graphic design examples are in other sections of the portfolio. For example, interactive art machine Metaphone, mobile app Delete by Haiku, STRATIC interactive audiovisual performance and other projects.