Academia Nature Morte

The photographic series and appropriations of already made, constructed and composed still lifes was a surprisingly strong flashback to my previous personal experience within an academic art environment. Educated as a traditional artist in a strong academic manner, for long I have been experiencing the power of drawing and painting still lifes. It was a substantially strong tradition in academia and I experienced it from my young days at art schools, art college and art academy.

This documentation is taken during my doctorate studies at Vilnius Academy of Art, Lithuania, in the period of 2007-2009. These are still lives constructed by professors in the painting department. It is a representation of this institution through the educational principles preserving its historical heritage and through the practice of still life - a work of art depicting inanimate subject matter. The title of the project is metaphorical and could be paraphrased into Stagnated Academic Life.

Academia Nature Morte / Academic Still Life, photography series printed on archival paper, 2007-2009. Each photograph is accompanied by a student's study painting of the same still-life.

More: on the institutional critique projects and academic work in Art Academy. Academia Nature Morte is part of the larger V.D.A. project and research conducted at Vilnius Art Academy.