Online exhibition, art sales and auction experience on Art_Value Ebay - Art_Value: Restitutio. You are welcome to acquire conceptual art directly from the artist and complement your art collection with the art series "Restitutio Ad Integrum".


Restitutio Ad Integrum

The exhibition on eBay and the sales of artworks - go online and get acquainted!

The project “Restitutio Ad Integrum” (is part of the larger Art_Value project by artist Das Vegas) starts exhibiting and selling on eBay! Get there to acquire your own artwork and complement your art collection!

The idea of the project is to spread cultural and social awareness. The project supports peoples’ engagement in their processes for social awareness in order to create their own socially responsible art collections.

Through acquiring the works of this series you support the artist in a direct way! It is an explicit reimbursement of the artist’s expenses, so be aware of not reselling them later ;)


Ebay artwork features:

100% brand new and high quality. 
Original artworks. Contemporary art. Conceptual Art. Collectable item.
1. Name: Modern and Contemporary art (print).
2. Theme: Conceptual art
3. Style: Modern / trendy / print
4. Material: Print on paper (light-sensitive and/or thermal (heat-sensitive) paper)
5. Frame mode: Unframed
6. Quantity: 1pc
7. Size: Various. About 15 x 6 cm (6.00 * 2.36 in)
8. Applies to: your personal art collecting.
Package included:
1 x Unframed receipt - Black and White art print. Unique artwork. Signed by the artist.
1 x Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.
1 x Xerox copy of the artwork.
Sent from Stockholm, Sweden.
Title: "284,00 NOK | 2017-04-02 | ROYAL GASTRO | Oslo, Norway"
Price: 284 NOK = 32,44 USD
Series of artworks: “Restitutio Ad Integrum”
Project: “Art_Value”
Artist: Das Vegas
Country: Sweden
Year: 2017
Note / instructions:
1. The artwork is printed on a light-sensitive and/or thermal paper by a random cash register at a store and by a person-cashier working at that time at the store.
2. Due to the original fabrication of the artwork and the sensitive materials (thermal or light-sensitive paper and ink), it is made of, the artwork has to be specifically preserved to maintain the same original qualities. The new owner should keep the artwork away from the (bright, direct) light and heat. The best storage/exhibiting is to make light- and heat-proof folder or keep it in an album. But if the artwork fades or vanishes completely - do not worry - this process is part of the artwork! Ephemerality is important in this project, so please do not overestimate the preservation process. On the other hand, you receive a Xerox copy of the receipt anyway!
3. Other artworks from the series could vary in size and material. Please look for another artwork in the same series. 
4. The prices of artworks differ from different receipts. The price which is on the receipt is the actual price you are acquiring the artwork for.
5. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's colour (if not b/w) may be slightly different from the pictures. 
6. Please allow several cm differences due to manual measurement and variations in sizes of artworks.
7. Thanks for your understanding.


Art_Value: Restitutio. LINK


The first artwork below is titled: 2590,00 SEK | 2018-04-17 | IKEA | Barkarby, Sweden
The price of the work is 2590,00 SEK. You can buy it on eBay or through directly contacting the artist by email.

The other artworks below are of the same nature.

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